Course Specifications based on Thai Qualifications Framework (TQF. 3-4) Revised 2012

IGS1101 Introduccion to Psychology
IGS1102 Man and Global Society
IGS1103 Thai Traditional Ways of Life Appreciation
IGS1104 Arts and Music Appreciation
IGS1105 Thai Society and Culture
IGS1106 Southeast Asian Studies
IGS1107 Introduction to ASEAN
IGL1101 English for Communication and Study Skills
IGL1102 Communicating in English
IGL1103 English Composition for Daily Life
IGL1104 English Composition for Business
IGL2119 Public Speaking and Presentation Skills in English
IGL2120 Discourse English for Communication
IGM1101 Business Mathematics
IGM1102 Introduction to Information Technology
IGM1103 Science in Daily Life
IGM1110 Creative Thinking and Decision Making
IGM1111 World Environment
IGM1104 Aerobic Dancing
IGM1105 Ballroom Dancing
IGM1106 Self-Defense
IGM1107 Swimming
IGM1108 Tennis
IGM1109 Yoga and Meditation
IAL1201 Introduction to Aviation Industry
IAL1202 English for Airline Operations and Management
IAL1203 Personality Development and Grooming
IAL2204 Airport Management
IAL2205 Airline Operations
IAL2206 Introduction to Information Systems
IAL2207 Immigrations, Customs and Quarantine
IAL2208 Human Resource Management
IAL3209 Air Transportation Management
IAL3210 Airline Catering Management
IAL3211 Corporate Communication Management
IAL2301 English for Airline Marketing and Sales
IAL2302 Airline Marketing Management
IAL2303 English for Ground and In-Flight Services
IAL2304 Reservation Management
IAL3305 Cross-Cultural Management
IAL3306 Airline Safety Management
IAL3307 Ground Service Management
IAL3308 Cabin Crew Management
IAL2309 Chinese 1
IAL2310 Chinese 2
IAL2311 Chinese 3
IAL2312 Japanese 1
IAL2313 Japanese 2
IAL2314 Japanese 3
IAL2315 Indian 1
IAL2316 Indian 2
IAL2317 Indian 3
IAL2318 Korean 1
IAL2319 Korean 2
IAL2320 Korean 3
IAL2321 French 1
IAL2322 French 2
IAL2323 French 3
IAL2324 Russian 1
IAL2325 Russian 2
IAL2326 Russian 3
IAL2327 Bahasa Malaysia 1
IAL2328 Bahasa Malaysia 2
IAL2329 Bahasa Malaysia 3
IAL2330 Vietnamese 1
IAL2331 Vietnamese 2
IAL2332 Vietnamese 3
IAL2401 Civil Aviation Management
IAL2402 Airline Sales Strategies
IAL3403 Fare and Ticketing
IAL3404 English for Airline Career Preparation
IAL3405 Administrative Management
IAL3406 In-flight Meals and Beverages Service
IAL3407 Customer Relationship Management andPassenger Satisfaction Survey
IAL3408 Tourism and Hospitality Management
IAL3409 Food and Beverage Management and Table Etiquette
IAL3410 International Air Transport Association Rules and Regulations
IAL4533 Pre- for Internship in Airline Business
IAL4534 Cooperative Education in Airline Business